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Futures contract symbols are split into three parts: The commodity code; The Soybean Mini, Grains. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Symbol, Name, Grouping. C. For example, the E-mini S&P expiring in December has the symbol ESZ2. E-mini contracts edit. The table below lists some of the more popular. S00 | A complete Soybeans Continuous Contract futures overview by MarketWatch Soybean Oil Continuous Contract, E-Mini S&P Future Continuous. Futures Chain ; XKNCBT, Mini Soybean Futures,Jul, PM EDT, +, +% ; XKQCBT, Mini Soybean Futures,Aug, PM EDT, Futures Contract Specifications ; Name, Symbol, Exchange, Contract Size, Months ; Micro E-mini S&P , MES, CME, $5 x S&P Index, H,M,U,Z ; Micro E-mini Nasdaq

Are you wondering why your /ZC (corn), /XC (mini-corn), /ZS (soybeans), /XS (mini-soybeans), /ZW (wheat), or /XW (mini-wheat) order is rejecting each time. Corn · ZC · 5, bushels ; Mini Corn · XC · 1, bushels ; Chicago SRW Wheat · ZW · 5, bushels ; Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat · XW · 1, bushels ; Soybean Meal · ZM. CME futures exchange: Mini Soybean Futures (symbol: XK) Contract Specifications - including trading hours and months. For example, the “HO” in the symbol ^HOM13 stands for heating oil and the “S” in ^SH14 stands for soybeans. The next three characters represent the month and. This futures contract is 1/5 the size of the full Corn futures contract and give traders an easy, liquid tool to profit from or hedge against price movements in. Futures Symbols ; Corn (Mini). YC ; Soybeans (Mini). YK ; Wheat (Mini). YW. Futures Chain ; XKXCBT, Mini Soybean Futures,Nov, PM EDT, +, +% ; XKFCBT, Mini Soybean Futures,Jan, PM EDT, + Mini Soybeans (Pit), YK, CBOT, n/a, AM ; Mini Wheat (Pit), YW, CBOT, n/a, AM. Symbol, Market, Exchange, Group, Day, Initial. EC6E · Euro/U.S. ICE Futures US, Metals, $, $ XC · Mini Corn, CBOT, Grains, $, $ XK. Soybean FuturesChicago Wheat Futures - exchange symbol, chart 3 yellow soybeans (at 6 cents under the contract price). Soybeans Futures and Mini Futures. 1 XKmain, Mini Soybean Futures(MAR4), XKmain, , ; 2. XK, Mini Soybean MAR4, XK, ,

CME Group Micro E-mini Futures Contracts Available at IBKR for the Lowest Cost · S&P Trade exposure to U.S. large-cap stocks, leading barometer of U.S. A visual representation of volatility indicates the number of standard deviations a strike is from the ATM futures price, while offering the ability to. Soybean futures contract specifications ; Exchange, Symbol, Chicago Board of Trade, /ZS ; Multiplier, 50 ; Minimum Tick Size and Value, = $ ; Settlement. XC - GBX mini Corn · XK - GBX mini Beans · XW - GBX mini Wheat · YC - Mini Corn · YK - Mini SoyBean · YMAZ - SAFEX YELLOW MAIZE · YW - Mini Wheat · ZC - GBX. For smaller investors, the CME also offers a mini soybean contract with the symbol XK, which is only 1, bushels. As a result, the minimum initial deposit. E-Mini Soybean Futures YK Price - Stocktwits is the best way to find out what is happening right now around the E-Mini Soybean Futures and other Futures. AbleFeed E-Mini Symbol Guide. CME CBOT COMEX NYMEX. Format Mini - Sized Soybeans, YK, F,H,K,N,Q,U,X. Mini Soybean Meal Futures, ZM, F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z. Soybean. Micro E-mini Futures. Name, Symbol, Exchange, Contract Size, Months, Tick / $ Value. Micro E-mini S&P , MES, CME, $5 x S&P Index, H,M,U,Z, / $ TradeStation Futures Symbol Reference. Below is a Soybean Meal, SM, 07/02/, Jan, MY, MZ, OZM Mini-size Deferred Eurodollar, YE2, 12/18/, Dec.

Notations ; Year-T-Note Futures. ZNMY. CBOT ; U.S. Treasury Bond Futures. ZBMY. CBOT ; Soybean Futures. ZSMY. CBOT ; E-mini S&P ESMY. ESMY. CME. Soybean Mini Mar '24 (XKH24) · Soybean Mini Futures Market News and Commentary · Contract Specifications · Seasonal Chart · Price Performance · More Soybean Mini. Soybean Mini Futures (Jul ) contracts ; XKQ · D · , '4, +%, 16'6 ; XKU · D · , '0, +%, 15'0. Mini Soybean SEP6 Contracts ; 1 XKmain, Mini Soybean Futures(MAR4), XKmain, , + ; 2. XK, Mini Soybean JAN4, XK, , Contract specifications ; /ZO, Oats, , $, Sun-Fri 8 p.m.– a.m. and. Mon-Fri, a.m.– p.m. ; /XC, Mini Corn, , $, Sun-Fri 8 p.m.–

Every futures quote has a specific ticker symbol followed by the contract month and year. Product. /MES, Micro E-mini S&P /MNQ, Micro E-mini Nasdaq Futures Overview ; Soybean Oil Continuous Contract, ¢, , % ; Soybean Meal Continuous Contract, $, , %. futures contract. For securities, margin is the Mini Sized Soybean Futures, XK, , N/A, Symbol, Description, Intraday Start Time4, Intraday. Exchange-Traded Futures Contract Specifications ; Mini Soybean, XK, XB ; Meats ; Name, Symbol, MT5 Symbol ; Feeder Cattle, GF, GF ; Lean Hog, HE, HE. Tradable Symbols ; A, Markets Direct Equities (MDE). Agilent Technologies unvs.ru -- MKTDEQ ; A, Dalian Commodity Exchange (Intl) (DCI). No.1 Soybeans -- DCEI ; A.

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